We are Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation(APEARE)
Idi Obi Ologuneru, Ibadan 200129

Apeare Renew

This is the community renewal program by the Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation (APEARE). Our goal is to provide support and assistance to victims of environmental disasters and empower local women and youth in rural communities through livelihood improvements and the provision of basic infrastructure. We believe in enhancing the quality of life for people living in these areas and fostering sustainable community development. 

APEARE Renew focuses on three key areas of intervention to bring about positive change:

1.) Support for Environmental Disaster Victims: We understand the devastating impact of environmental disasters on communities. APEARE aims to provide support and assistance to those affected by such events, including natural disasters like floods, landslides, or oil spills. We collaborate with local authorities, NGOs, and community organizations to provide emergency relief, rehabilitation, and long-term support to help affected communities recover and rebuild their lives.

2.) Livelihood Improvements for Women and Youth: APEARE recognizes the importance of empowering local women and youth. We implement initiatives that enhance livelihood opportunities, economic empowerment, and skill development. Through vocational training programs, entrepreneurship support, and access to resources, we aim to create sustainable income-generating activities, boosting the economic well-being of women and youth in rural communities.

3.) Provision of Basic Infrastructure: We believe that access to basic infrastructure is essential for improving the quality of life in rural communities. APEARE focuses on initiatives that provide essential amenities such as clean water, sanitation facilities, healthcare centers, schools, and electricity. By partnering with local authorities and leveraging resources, we work towards bridging the infrastructure gap and creating an environment conducive to community well-being.



Holistic Approach

APEARE takes a holistic approach to community development, addressing not only the immediate needs resulting from environmental disasters but also focusing on long-term sustainability and empowerment.

Empowering Women and Youth

We recognize the potential of women and youth as catalysts for change. APEARE provides them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to build their capacity, develop skills, and become active participants in their communities' development.

Sustainable Livelihoods

By promoting sustainable livelihoods, APEARE aims to break the cycle of poverty and dependency. We foster entrepreneurship, vocational training, and access to markets, enabling individuals to generate income, improve their economic conditions, and ensure a better future for themselves and their families.

Infrastructure Development

APEARE understands the importance of basic infrastructure in improving the quality of life. We work towards providing access to clean water, sanitation, healthcare, education, and electricity, creating a foundation for sustainable development and community well-being.

Join us in our efforts to renew and empower communities.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by environmental disasters and create sustainable pathways for community development.