We are Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation(APEARE)
Idi Obi Ologuneru, Ibadan 200129


  1. Environmental Guides and Toolkits: Provide downloadable guides and toolkits that offer practical tips and advice on sustainable living, eco-friendly practices, wildlife conservation, and habitat protection.
  1. Research Papers and Reports: Share scholarly articles, research papers, and reports related to environmental conservation and biodiversity protection. Include studies on climate change, endangered species, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable development.
  1. Educational Materials: Offer educational resources such as infographics, fact sheets, and videos that raise awareness about environmental issues, promote conservation efforts, and provide information on the importance of biodiversity.
  1. Event Calendar: Highlight ways for individuals to get involved with the NGO’s initiatives. Include information about volunteer programs, internships, and citizen science projects that contribute to environmental conservation and biodiversity research.
  1. Funding and Grant Opportunities: Provide information about funding sources and grants available for environmental projects, conservation initiatives, and biodiversity research. Include details about application processes, eligibility criteria, and deadlines.