We are Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation(APEARE)
Idi Obi Ologuneru, Ibadan 200129

Gambari Project

This project examined the climatic and socio-economic effects of deforestation at Gambari Forest Reserves in Ibadan. The findings highlighted the excessive exploitation of forest resources, and were shared with stakeholders to support informed decision-making aimed at curbing deforestation in the reserves.

Eleyele Sensitization Program for women and youth

A sensitization program was conducted to raise awareness among women and youth in the Eleyele forested wetland about the importance of preserving and conserving forest resources. As a result, the participants were introduced to various alternative methods of generating additional income, such as producing briquettes and cultivating Ewe Eran (Thaumatoccus danielli).

2023 World Environment Day Beat Plastic
Pollution School Advocacy Program

As we celebrate World Environment Day 2023, we at Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation (APEARE) reaffirm our commitment to protecting and restoring our planet’s precious ecosystems. With this in mind, we recently organized a workshop in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria for secondary school students, where we educated them on how to #beatplasticpollution in line with the theme for this year’s World Environment Day Celebration.