We are Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation(APEARE)
Idi Obi Ologuneru, Ibadan 200129

Welcome To Climatiq

This is the online climate quiz program designed to increase climate education and environmental literacy. We believe that knowledge is power, and by testing your understanding of current climate issues, we aim to inspire action and promote a sustainable future. 

How Does Clymatiq work?

It’s simple. Participants will engage in a series of climate-related quizzes, where they’ll be challenged with questions about environmental problems, sustainability, renewable energy, and more. For every correct answer, participants will earn a ClymatIQ coin. And here’s the exciting part – 10 ClymatIQ coin is equivalent to 50 cent! 

But it doesn’t stop there. ClymatIQ rewards its participants by offering a cash equivalent for every 100 cents earned. That’s right – for every hundred ClymatIQ coins you accumulate, you’ll receive a cash reward. Not only are you expanding your knowledge about climate issues, but you’re also earning real-world rewards for your efforts. 

By participating in ClymatIQ, you’ll not only be challenging yourself and staying up to date with the latest climate developments, but you’ll also be contributing to the issues we addressed by honing in on your knowledge on reforestation, pollution reduction, disaster relief, safe chemical usage, sustainable land management, and providing essential infrastructure to rural communities. 

The funds generated through ClymatIQ sponsors will be reinvested back into environmental initiatives led by the Alliance for Positive Environmental Impacts and Reforestation (APEARE). Your participation will directly support our efforts in increasing environmental literacy and raising more climate activists.  


Join Us On ClymatIQ And Become A Climate Champion!!!

Test your climate knowledge, earn ClymatIQ coins, and win exciting cash rewards while making a positive impact on our environment. Together, we can drive climate action, increase environmental literacy, and create a sustainable future for generations to come. Let’s make every question count!